Blue Badge patch for Windows 7 unlocks additional features

On November 2, Rafael Rivera, announced that his indications that the Windows 7 Pre-Beta Build 6801 has some locked additional options, were right. The locked content is primarily related to the UI that actually is one of the most looked-upon things in Windows 7. By his notices, it is not hard to conclude that some contents are locked with reason, because they are far away from stable, even for a pre-beta release.

He explained the type of protection that Win7 PB build 6801 has on his entry, and a way how he got to it. The entry also includes the way to get that content yourself.

By that scheme, an unlocking tool, called the Blue Badge is available for download. This tool should make the already announced steps much easier. Of course, this is still a risky operation, and you take it on your own risk.
These files are to be patched with Blue Badge. The patch is available only for x86 versions; the x64 is still not released.

If case you already have a superbar patch applied, Blue Badge will NOT work.
Correction, users have reported that the Blue Badge will work even with the superbar patch applied.


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