First Look 2007 Microsoft Office System

What’s inside the newest release of the Microsoft Office system? How will the new interface change the way you work and make you more self-sufficient and effective? How can your business put the new workflow capabilities to work right away in this new world of work? With FIRST LOOK MICROSOFT OFFICE 2007, well-known author and columnist Katherine Murray gives you an exclusive introduction to the next generation of Microsoft Office.
You’ll get an expert overview of new and enhanced applications, features, and capabilities in addition to advance insights and straight talk from the Office product group, Discover the new user interface and revolutionize the way you use Office; learn about the Live Preview feature that allows you to see how a format will look before you make a change; introduce yourself to the new collaboration products and services, including Microsoft Office Live Meeting and Microsoft Office Groove. In addition, learn about enhancements to existing ! Office applications, including new graphics capabilities in Microsoft Office PowerPoint®, easier database creation with Microsoft Office Access, easier time-management capabilities in Microsoft Office Outlook®, and improved charting capabilities in Microsoft Office Excel®. It’s an exclusive, guided preview for business decision makers, early adopters, and users—and anyone else who wants to start planning and hit the ground running with the next generation of Office.

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